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  1. Hi, I would like to know how my funds get transferred to my bank account or credit card, how to place shipping fees? I have a paypal account could that be used here?

    Hello, & thank you for using untilitsellz.com. We at untilitsellz.com have designed our website to allow you, the seller, to choose what information you want to put in your ads as far as shipping fees & payment methods you will accept. You can also put whatever contact information you are comfortable with in your ads (links are the only restricted method of contact) so potential buyers can contact you directly regarding your ads. Since we do not charge any re-listing fees, or collect any fees after the sale, like other websites do, we have removed ourselves as the "middleman". This not only saves you money, but it allows you to have direct contact with potential buyers to work out payment methods & shipping charges! This way you control what payment methods you will accept, & what you will charge for shipping. This gives buyers direct contact with you so there is a mutual understanding regarding all costs before a sale is completed. This keeps you & the buyer more informed & gives the "personal touch" to all your transactions.

    If you have a paypal account, or any other type of Internet payment method, you can use that by simply stating in your ad what payment method you accept. You can also request that the seller only pay by check or money order, if you do not have an Internet payment method. We recommend only accepting postal money orders. If you decide to accept personal checks, we recommend that you hold merchandise until the check has cleared before shipping it to the buyer.

  2. Hi, how long for the ad to get placed on your site?

    Hello, & thank you for using untilitsellz.com. All ads placed on untilitsellz.com are subject to review & approval by management before being posted. This is done to help eliminate scammers, or unwanted items to be posted. Some sellers will attempt to sell items that are misrepresented, illegal, or items designed to take advantage of potential buyers. It is our highest priority to do all we can to prevent these persons from using this site to take advantage of our buyers. For this reason we review all ads before posting them to our site.

    This process is generally done within 24 hours of an ad being posted, & in most cases, less than 24 hours. We want your experience on untilitsellz.com to be a positive one, so we strive to do all we can to serve you, the customer & give you quality products from fair & honest sellers.

  3. Hi, I deleted the link (in my ad). This is my first time listing an item on your site. How is anyone supposed to buy my (item) if there is no payment link? I looked at my listing. I didn't see any kind of "buy now" button. So, how does this work? Are they just going to email me and ask me how I want to be paid? Please advise.

    Hello, & thank you for using untilitsellz.com. We have set up untilitsellz.com so that there is no need for links to sell your product.

    Because we allow you to have direct contact with your customer through them contacting you through the site, or if you wish, placing your email address or phone number in your ad, we make it much easier to complete a transaction. Unlike other websites, unilitsellz.com does not charge a relisting fee, or collect a fee after the sale. This removes us as the "middleman" & allows you direct contact with buyers. You can bargian with them if you so choose, or give them a discount on shipping without going through us.

    We feel this streamlines the selling process, & allows for a smoother transaction between the buyer & the seller. This also makes selling on untilitsellz.com cheaper for you since the only fee you will pay after your free ads are used up is a one time listing fee! For this reason, & as a courtesy to us, all we ask is that you do not put links in your ads, so that shoppers will spend more time on our site, increasing traffic & potential sales.

    Due to feedback from our sellers, we are currently designing a "buy this item" button that will be placed on all ads. When the buyer selects the "buy this item" button, you will know that they have committed to purchasing your product. Look for it in all your ads soon!


    Hello, & thank you for using untilitsellz.com. In order to try to prevent scammers, spammers, or dishonest persons from registering, we review & pre-approve all registrants on untilitsellz.com. We want your experience here to be a positive one, so we strive to do all we can do you make that possible. For that reason, all registrations must be preapproved in an attempt to keep registrants honest. We advise you to exercise caution when in contact with registrants, & to immediately contact us if you feel a registrant is misrepresenting their products, or attempting to scam you in any way.

  5. How much are your Fees..Thanks

    Hello, & thank you for using untilitsellz.com. Click on the "sell" button at the top of the page for a list of fees - however, those fees are currently not in effect. Right now listing on untilitsellz.com is FREE! Try it today!

  6. (I) would like to review your complete contract including listing policy and fees policy, your user agreement does not include these topics in detail on the website

    Hello, & thank you for your interest in untilitsellz.com. If you go to the home page & click on the "sell" button, you will see our listing fees. They are currently not in effect. For a limited time, all registrants on untilitsellz.com get 50 FREE ADS JUST FOR REGISTERING! If you go to the bottom of the home page, you can click on the "user agreement" & "privacy policy" links to view those documents. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.



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