About Us

We at untilitsellz.com are committed to give you, our customers a quick & easy Internet buying/ selling experience. Because we have eliminated all the “after the sale” fees & only charge a one time listing fee per item, your responsibility & time spent dealing with us is greatly reduced. We believe that this approach will attract both buyers & sellers from all over the world, & will allow for a smooth Internet experience. Once your listing fee is paid, & your item is posted, you will only have contact with the buyer, & the buyer will only have contact with you, unless the need arises to contact us.

We at untilitsellz.com are also committed to provide an Internet experience that is free of any portrayal of sexuality, violence, or use of profane or offensive language. Because of this, you are able to comfortably browse our site, or even allow children under 18 to browse our site, (with adult guidance) without fear of encountering something that you do not wish to see or read. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our site, so we have chosen to only allow items to be portrayed in good taste, without offensive language.

While we are doing everything we can to prevent someone from posting offensive material on untitsellz.com, the reality is that some will attempt to post it anyhow. From time to time, you may encounter offensive material on untitsellz.com. If this occurs, notify us immediately, so we can take appropriate action.

We also believe that the people who sell items on our site should be honest, fair, & willing to follow the guidelines that we have set forth. We want to give the buyers on our site the security in knowing that they are buying a product that is properly represented by people that are of the highest integrity. That is why we require the information that we do from anyone registering on our site. It is our hope that by operating our site in this manner that we will attract the best sellers & buyers in the world! Thank you & feel free to contact us at untilitsellz.com any time you have a question.